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Adobe Tag Manager - Deferred Asynchronous Function Calls For SiteCatalyst

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: Omniture
One of the shortcomings of Adobe's Tag Manager product is it's lack of support for customization. Specifically, if you've relied on custom functions to track on-page events, this probably affects you. Having your custom functions defined before they are called is a critical issue, especially, when these functions drive the collections of your most important KPIs. The following article describes how to implement a queue to handle functions that are called before the exist. Read More

Asynchronous Omniture SiteCatalyst with Google Tag Manager

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: Omniture

I've been attempting to deveolop a solution to load the Omniture SiteCatalyst tags asynchronously for a while now. Limited by life and time in general, I've never finished. Enter Google Tag Manager... Read More

Asynchronous Omniture SiteCatalyst

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: Omniture

It seems everytime I speak about Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst code for the first time, I get the questions "Is it asynchronous?" As far as I know, creating an asynchronous version of the s_code.js file isn't a priority for Adobe. Wanting to learn more about javascript, I set out to see if I could create an asynchronous s_code. Read More

Google URL Shortener for Tweetdeck

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: Social Media

TweetDeck LogoNot that TweetDeck has a "shortage" of URL shortening options but I prefer to use goo.gl. This solution is fairly straight forward. If you have have your own hosting running php and have curl enabled, you're in business. If you're looking for a service that you can use your own key with, shoot me an email and let me know you're interested. It's in the works.

Google Adwords New Automate Feature

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: SEO / SEM
Google Adwords Automate Menu Addition

It seems Google has snuck a new feature into Adwords with the addition of the "Automate" tool. I noticed this on the tool bar and did some research. It seems that they offered this to beta users last year and they've recently pushed it live for all to use. Read More

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The SEO Process - Wait, what?

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: SEO / SEM

Map picture to describe the SEO process

SEO is certainly not an easy thing to put a finger on. It can be very simplistic in nature but extremely complex at it's core. This article is meant to address SEO in an organization, large or small, it really doesn't matter.

AdWords Negative Keyword Lists - Time Saver!

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: SEO / SEM

About time! I don't know about you but my opinion is that the negative keyword list in AdWords interface is a much needed addition. I stumbled upon this time-saving gem while updating negative keywords for state level campaigns in an account I manage. When I noticed it I didn't really know what I was doing, but, I pressed on setting up my first negative keyword list.

Excel | Finding the Date of every Monday

Written by: Brett Hale | Category: Tips & Tricks

This is a simple "how to" used in finding the date on every weekday you select. Every Sunday, every monday etc. Read More

What In The Hasslehoff Is Going On? A Reality Show...REALLY?!

Written by: Brett Hale

I want my first blog to be memorable and how could you beat Hasslehoff as the target? And no, I'm not talking about a public stoning. The fact that I even stopped on the channel airing the Hasslehoff reality show was probably a sign that I should have gone to bed earlier but... I didn't. Read More

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